Overview & Installation Guide

DroneBridge for ESP32

DroneBridge enabled firmware for the popular ESP32 modules from Espressif Systems. Probably the cheapest way to communicate with your drone, UAV, UAS, ground based vehicle or whatever you may call them.

Also allows for a fully transparent serial to wifi pass through with variable packet size (Continuous stream of data required).


  • Bi-directional link: MAVLink, MSP & LTM

  • Affordable

  • Up to 150m range

  • Weight: 8g including cable and antenna

  • Supported by: ArduPilot, QGroundControl, impload, mwptools etc.

  • Easy to set up: Single cable UART connection to flight controller

  • Fully configurable through easy to use web interface

  • Parsing of LTM & MSPv2 for more reliable connection and less packet loss

  • Fully transparent telemetry downlink option for continuous streams like MAVLink or and other protocol

  • Reliable, low latency, lightweight

Blackbox concept. UDP & TCP connections are possible. Automatic UDP uni-cast of messages to port 14550 to all connected devices/stations. Allows additional clients to register for UDP. The client must send a packet with a length > 0 to the UDP port of ESP32.

Installation & Wiring

First download the latest release from this repository. You can find them here.

Please visit the official Wiki for flashing instructions!

Use with DroneBridge for Android or QGroundControl

  • Use the Android app to display live telemetry data. Mission planning capabilities for MAVLink will follow.

  • The ESP will auto-broadcast messages to all connected devices via UDP to port 14550. QGroundControl should auto-connect

  • Connect via TCP on port 5760 or UDP on port 14550 to the ESP32 to send & receive data with a GCS of your choice. In case of a UDP connection, the GCS must send at least one packet (e.g. MAVLink heartbeat etc.) to the UDP port of the ESP32 to register as an endpoint.


Please visit the official Wiki for developer documentation

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